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Psalms 119:90

Psalms 119:90

Thy faithfulness [is] unto all generations
Or "to generation and generation" F25; to his people in every age, fulfilling his word, supplying their wants, giving them new mercies every morning and every day; never leaving and forsaking them, according to his promise: his faithfulness never fails, it endures for ever, and is exceeding great and large indeed; see ( Lamentations 3:23 ) ( Psalms 89:33 ) ( 100:5 ) ;

thou hast established the earth, and it abideth:
laid the foundation of it so firm and sure, that it cannot be removed: and though one generation has passed after another, the earth abides where it was, and will do for ever; and as firm and stable, and never failing, is the faithfulness of God, which this is designed to illustrate. So some supply it, "as thou hast established the earth" F26; see ( Psalms 24:2 ) ( 104:5 ) ( Ecclesiastes 1:4 ) .


F25 (rdw rdl) "in generationem et generationem", Gejerus; "in aetatem et aetatem", Cocceius.
F26 "Quemadmodum vel sicut fundasti", Gejerus.
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