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Psalms 18:45

Psalms 18:45

The strangers shall fade away
Like the leaves of trees in autumn, when they fall and perish; to which hypocrites and nominal professors are compared, ( Jude 1:12 ) ;

and be afraid out of their close places;
their towers and fortified places, or the rocks and mountains to which they betake themselves for shelter; but, as not thinking themselves safe enough, through fear and dread, come out of them; see ( Micah 7:17 ) . Some Jewish writers F17 interpret the words, they shall halt or be lame; that is, because of the chains put upon their feet: and so they are expressive of the conquest made of them. The word in the Arabic language signifies to "come out"; and may be so rendered here, and "come out": in ( 2 Samuel 22:46 ) ; it is, "they shall gird themselves", or "come out girt".


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