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Psalms 28:3

Psalms 28:3

Draw me not away with the wicked
That is, with those who are notoriously wicked; who are inwardly and outwardly wicked; whose inward part is very wickedness, and who sell themselves and give up themselves to work wickedness: the sense is, that God would not suffer him to be drawn away, or drawn aside by wicked men, but that he would deliver him from temptation; or that he would not give him up into their hands, to be at their mercy; who he knew would not spare him, if they had him in their power; or that he might not die the death of the wicked, and perish with them; see ( Psalms 26:9 Psalms 26:10 ) ;

and with the workers of iniquity;
who make it the trade and business of their lives to commit sin; and which may be applied, not only to profane sinners, but to professors of religion, ( Matthew 7:23 ) ; since it follows,

which speak peace to their neighbours, but mischief [is] in their
hypocrites, double minded men, who have a form of godliness, but deny the power of it; pretend to religion, and have none; and speak fair to the face, but design mischief and ruin; as Saul and his servants did to David, ( 1 Samuel 18:17 1 Samuel 18:22 ) .

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