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Psalms 40:14

Psalms 40:14

Let them be ashamed and confounded together
As they will be at the last day, when they shall see him whom they have pierced come in the clouds of heaven, in his own and his Father's glory, and in the glory of the holy angels;

that seek after my soul to destroy it;
that is, his life, as did Herod in his infancy, and the Scribes and Pharisees, chief priests and elders of the people of the Jews, frequently, and at last accomplished what they sought after;

let them be driven backward;
as those were who came with Judas into the garden to apprehend him, ( John 18:6 ) ;

and put to shame that wish me evil:
as did the Jews, who sought all opportunities to ensnare him, and that they might have to accuse him to the Roman governor; and who earnestly desired his crucifixion, and vehemently wished his death; see ( Psalms 41:5 ) .