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Psalms 50:22

Psalms 50:22

Now consider this
The evils that had been committed, and repent of them; for repentance is an after thought and reconsideration of sin, and humiliation for it; that the Lord, was not like them, not an approver of sin, but a reprover for it; and what would be their latter end, what all this would issue in, in case of impenitence;

ye that forget God;
that there is a God, his being, perfections, word, works, and benefits;

lest I tear [you] in pieces;
as a lion, leopard, or bear; see ( Hosea 13:7 Hosea 13:8 ) ; which was accomplished in the destruction of Jerusalem; when both their civil and ecclesiastical state were torn in pieces; their city and temple levelled with the ground, and not one stone left upon another; and they scattered about in the earth;

and [there be] none to deliver;
which denotes their utter and irreparable ruin, till the time comes they shall turn to the Lord; see ( Isaiah 42:22 ) .