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Psalms 69:19

Psalms 69:19

Thou hast known my reproach, and my shame, and my dishonour,
&c.] A heap of words to express the greatness of the contempt that was cast upon him, and the injury that was done to his person and character; which was all known to God: as how he was vilified by wicked words and blasphemous speeches; how he was exposed to shame and dishonour by deeds; by spitting upon him, buffeting him, veiling his face, stripping him of his garments, and scourging and crucifying him naked;

mine adversaries [are] all before thee;
in his sight: he knew their persons, the malice and wickedness that were in their hearts; and all the evil words that were spoken, and the evil actions that were done by them. Or, "are all against thee" F6; for they that were against Christ were against his Father.


F6 (Krgn) "coram te, vel contra te", Cocceius.
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