2 Corinthians 6:4

But in everything commending ourselves (all en panti sunistanonte eautou). Paul gives a marvellous summary of his argument about the dignity and glory of ministers of Christ as ministers of God (w qeou diakonoi) under three aspects, the first with in (en) verses Isaiah 3-7 , the second with by (dia) verses Isaiah 7 8 , the third with as (w) verses Isaiah 9-10 . The negative view with en we have in verse Isaiah 3 , then the positive in verses Isaiah 4-7 . Each word carries a story that can be filled in from Paul's own life as a preacher with an echo in that of us all. In distresses (en stenocwriai). In tight places ( Isaiah 12:10 ). Late word from stenocwrew (see on Isaiah 4:8 ).