Revelation 1:16

And he had (kai ecwn). "And having," present active participle of ecw, loose use of the participle (almost like eice, imperfect) and not in agreement with autou, genitive case. This is a common idiom in the book; a Hebraism, Charles calls it. In his right hand (en th dexiai ceiri). For safe keeping as in John 10:28 . Seven stars (astera epta). Symbols of the seven churches (verse Revelation 1:20 ), seven planets rather than Pleiades or any other constellation like the bear. Proceeded (ekporeuomenh). Present middle participle of ekporeuomai, old compound ( Matthew 3:5 ) used loosely again like ecwn. A sharp two-edged sword (rompaia distomo oxeia). "A sword two-mouthed sharp." Rompaia (as distinct from macaira) is a long sword, properly a Thracian javelin, in N.T. only Luke 2:35 ; Revelation 1:16 ; Revelation 2:12 ; Hebrews 4:12 . See stoma used with macairh in Luke 21:24 (by the mouth of the sword). Countenance (opsi). Old word (from optw), in N.T. only here, John 7:24 ; John 11:44 . As the sun shineth (w o hlio painei). Brachylogy, "as the sun when it shines." For painei see John 1:5 .