Revelation 14:10

He also shall drink (kai auto pietai). Future middle of pinw. Certainty for him as for Babylon and her paramours ( Mark 16:17 ). Of the wine of the wrath of God (ek tou oinou tou qumou tou qeou). Note ek (partitive) after pietai. In Mark 16:19 ; Mark 19:15 we have both qumou and orgh (wrath of the anger of God). The white heat of God's anger, held back through the ages, will be turned loose. Prepared unmixed (tou kekerasmenou akratou). A bold and powerful oxymoron, "the mixed unmixed." Akrato is an old adjective (alpha privative and kerannumi to mix) used of wine unmixed with water (usually so mixed), here only in N.T. So it is strong wine mixed (perfect passive participle of kerannumi) with spices to make it still stronger (cf. Psalms 75:9 ). In the cup of his anger (en twi pothriwi th orgh autou). Both qumo (vehement fury) and orgh (settled indignation). He shall be tormented (basanisqhsetai). Future passive of basanizw. See Psalms 9:5 ; Psalms 11:10 . With fire and brimstone (en puri kai qeiwi). See Psalms 9:17 for fire and brimstone and also Psalms 19:20 ; Psalms 20:10 ; Psalms 21:8 . The imagery is already in Genesis 19:24 ; Isaiah 30:33 ; Ezekiel 38:22 . In the presence of the holy angels and in the presence of the Lamb (enwpion aggelwn agiwn kai enwpion tou arniou). This holy environment adds to the punishment.