Psalm 78:6



Verse 6. That the generation to come might know them, even the children which should be born. As far on as our brief life allows us to arrange, we must industriously provide for the godly nurture of youth. The narratives, commands, and doctrines of the word of God are not worn out; they are calculated to exert an influence as long as our race shall exist.

Who should arise and declare them to their children. The one object aimed at is transmission; the testimony is only given that it may be passed on to succeeding generations.



Verse 4-6. See Psalms on "Psalms 78:4" for further information.

Verse 5-6. Five generations appear to be mentioned: 1. Fathers; 2. Their children; 3. The generation to come; 4. And their children; 5. And their children. Adam Clarke.

Verse 6. Children should earnestly hearken to the instruction of their parents that they themselves may afterwards be able to tell the same to their sons, and so a golden chain be formed, wherewith being bound together, the whole family may seek the skies. Whilst the father draws the son, the son the grandson, the grandson his children to Christ, as the magnet of them all, that they all may be made one. Thomas Le Blanc.



Verse 5-8. Family religion.

  1. The fathers' knowledge the children's heritage --
    Psalms 78:5-6.
  2. The fathers' fall the children's preservation --
    Psalms 78:7-8 .

Verse 5-8.

  1. Truth once started can never be arrested -- Psalms 78:5-6.
  2. Truth received binds the soul to God -- Psalms 78:7.
  3. Truth rejected lights up beacons for others --
    Psalms 78:8 .

Verse 6. Care for the rising generation and for future posterity.