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Psalms 89

A song of degrees.89:1Afflictions - All his sufferings for thy sake.89:5Until - Until I have raised an house in which the ark may be put.89:6It - Of the ark. Ephratah - In the tribe of Ephraim, which was called also Ephratah. Found it - Afterwards we found it in Kirjath - jearim, which signifies a city of woods, in the territory whereof the ark was seated for twenty years.89:7Tabernacles - Into his temple. Footstool - The ark, is often said to sit between the cherubim, which were above the ark.89:8Rest - Into thy resting place, the temple so called, Isaiah 66:1, where thou hast now a fixed habitation.The ark - The seat of thy powerful and glorious presence.89:10David's sake - In regard of thy promises vouchsafed to David.Turn not - Cast me not out of thy presence. Of - Of me whom thou hast anointed to be king over thy people.89:16Salvation - With thy saving graces and blessings.89:17There - In Jerusalem. To bud - His power and glory to flourish. A lamp - A successor to continue for ever in his family, as this phrase is expounded 11:36 , 15:4, and particularly one eminent and glorious light, namely, the Messiah.


The happiness of brotherly love, ver. 1 - 3.

A song of degrees of David.89:2Ointment - It is no less grateful and refreshing than that oil which was poured forth upon Aaron's head at the time of his consecration to the priestly office. Skirts - Not to the lower skirt or bottom of his sacerdotal garment, but to the upper skirt of it, or the mouth of it, as the Hebrew word properly signifies.89:3Zion - It is as desirable as the dew which falls upon mount Hermon, nay, as desirable as that heavenly dew of God's ordinances and graces which he hath commanded to fall upon the mountains of Zion and Moriah, and others which are round about Jerusalem.There - Where brethren live in peace and unity.


In this psalm the priests or Levites who watched all night in the

temple, exhort one another, and pray for one another, ver. 1 - 3.

A song of degrees.89:1Servant - Peculiarly so called, priests and Levites.Night - Not only by day, but also by night, when their watch was more necessary. Stand - Serve or minister.89:3Thee - Thee whosoever thou art who dost faithfully perform the duty here commanded.


An exhortation to praise God for his greatness and mighty works,

ver. 1 - 7.

For destroying his enemies, ver. 8 - 11.

For his mercy toward Israel, ver. 12 - 14.

The vanity of idols, ver. 15 - 18.

Another exhortation to praise God, ver. 19 - 20.89:2Ye - Ye priest and Levites.89:6Seas - In the visible seas, and in the invisible depths both of the earth and of the waters.89:7From - From all parts of the earth, from one end to another.Rain - An eminent instance of his good providence.89:14Judge - Will in due time plead the cause of his people.Repent - He will recall that severe sentence which for their sins he had passed upon them.


We must praise God as great and good in himself, ver. 1 - 3.

As the Creator of the world, ver. 4 - 9.

As Israel's God, ver. 10 - 22.

As our Redeemer, ver. 23, 24.

As God over all, ver. 25, 26.89:2The God of gods - Who is infinitely superior to all that are called gods, whether angels, or princes, or idols.89:22Israel - He speaks of all that people as of one man, because they were united together in one body in the worship of God.89:25Food - To all living creatures. For which God deserves great praises, which the psalmist teaches us to render to God for them, because those who are most concerned, either cannot, or do not perform this duty.


Probably this psalm was wrote toward the end of the Babylonish

captivity. Herein the captives complain of the scoffs of their

enemies, yet remember Jerusalem, and foresee the downfall of

Babylon, ver. 1 - 9.89:1Sat - The usual posture of mourners.89:2Harps - Harps are here put for all instruments of musick.89:3A song - Such songs as you used to sing in the temple of Zion.89:4The Lord's - Those songs which were appointed by God to be sung only in his service.89:6If - If I do not value Jerusalem's prosperity more than all other delights.89:7The day - In the time of its destruction.89:8Happy - As being God's instrument to vindicate his honour, and execute his just judgments.


David praises God for his goodness, and foretells that other kings

will praise him, ver. 1 - 5.

He rejoices in hope of still greater blessings, ver. 6 - 8.

A psalm of David.89:1The gods - Before kings and princes.89:2Temple - Where the ark was. He was not permitted to enter into it.Magnified - For thou hast glorified thy word or promise unto me more than any other of thy glorious perfections.89:4The kings - A prophecy of the calling of the Gentiles.Hear - The gospel preached among then.89:5The ways - His wonderful counsel and gracious providences.89:8Perfect - Will finish the great work of my deliverance.Forsake not - Or, do not give over, the work of my salvation, which is thus far advanced, not by any human help, but by thy power and providence.


This psalm is, by many of the Jewish doctors, esteemed the most

excellent in the whole book.

The omniscience of God is here asserted, ver. 1 - 6.

Proved by two arguments; That he is every where present, ver. 7 - 12.

And that he made us, ver. 13 - 16.

This may fill us with pleasing admiration of God, ver. 17, 18.

With an holy hatred of sin, ver. 19 - 22.

And with an holy satisfaction in our own integrity, ver. 23, 24.

To the chief musician, A psalm of David.89:2Afar off - Thou knowest what my thoughts will be in such and such circumstances, long before I know it, yea from all eternity.89:3Compassest - Thou discernest every step I take. It is a metaphor from soldiers besieging their enemies, and setting watches round about them.89:5Beset me - With thy all - seeing providence. And laid - Thou keepest me, as it were with a strong hand, in thy sight and under thy power.89:6I cannot - Apprehend in what manner thou dost so presently know all things.89:8Hell - If I could hide myself in the lowest parts of the earth.89:9The wings - If I should flee from east to west: for the sea being the western border of Canaan, is often put for the west in scripture.And wings are poetically ascribed to the morning here, as they are elsewhere to the sun, and to the winds.89:16Imperfect - When I was first conceived. Book - In thy counsel and providence, by which thou didst contrive and effect this great work, according to that model which thou hadst appointed.89:17Thoughts - Thy counsels on my behalf. Thou didst not only form me at first, but ever since my conception and birth, thy thoughts have been employed for me.89:18Them - Thy wonderful counsels and works on my behalf come constantly into my mind.89:22Perfect hatred - See the difference between the Jewish and the Christian spirit!


David prays and hopes for deliverance from his enemies, ver. 1 - 7.

Foretells their destruction, ver. 8 - 13.

To the chief musician, A psalm of David.89:3Tongues - Using words as sharp and piercing as the sting of a serpent.89:9Mischief - The mischief which they design against me, shall fall upon themselves.89:10Coals - Divine vengeance, which is compared to coals of fire.89:13Dwell - Shall constantly enjoy thy gracious and powerful presence.


David prays for acceptance and assistance, ver. 1 - 6.

For the deliverance of himself and friends, ver. 7 - 10.

A psalm of David.89:4Incline not - Suffer it not to be inclined. Heart - Keep me not only from wicked speeches, but from all evil motions of my heart.Dainties - The pleasures or advantages which they gain by their wickedness.89:5Smite - By reproofs. Break - Not hurt, but heal and greatly refresh me. Calamities - In the calamities of those righteous persons who reproved him. When they came into such calamities as those wherein he was involved he would pity them and pray for them.89:6Judges - The chief of mine enemies. Overthrown - Or, cast down headlong by thine exemplary vengeance. Hear - Hearken unto my counsels and offers which now they despise.89:7Our bones - Our case is almost as hopeless as of those who are dead, and whose bones are scattered in several places.


David complains to God and trusts in him, ver. 1 - 7

Maschil of David; A prayer when he was in the cave.89:3Knowest - So as to direct me to it. My path - What paths I should chuse whereby I might escape.89:4Right - hand - The place where the patron or assistant used to stand.89:5Portion - Even in this life.89:7Prison - Set me at liberty. Compass - Shall flock to me from all parts, to rejoice and bless God with me and for me.


David complains and prays for pardon and help, ver. 1 - 12.

A psalm of David.89:2Justified - Upon terms of strict justice.89:3For - This is not a reason of what he last said, but an argument to enforce his petition delivered, ver. 1.Soul - My life; nothing less will satisfy him. Dead - I am in as hopeless a condition in the eye of man, as those that have lain long in the grave.89:5The days - What thou hast done for thy servants in former times.89:6As land - Thirsteth for rain.89:8Morning - Seasonably and speedily.


David blesses God for his mercies, ver. 1 - 4.

Prays against his enemies, ver. 5 - 8.

Promises to praise him, ver.9 - 11.

The happiness of those who serve God, ver. 12 - 15.

A psalm of David.89:2Subdued - Who hath disposed my peoples hearts to receive and obey me as their king.89:5Come - To help me. Smoke - As Sinai did at thy glorious appearance, Exodus 19:18. This is a figurative and poetical description of God's coming to take vengeance upon his enemies.89:7Strange children - Either of the Heathen nations: or of the rebellious Israelites.89:8Vanity - Vain brags and threatenings which shall come to nothing.Falsehood - Deceiving themselves, by being unable to do what they designed; and others, by not giving them that help which they promised.89:12That - This mercy I beg not only for my own sake, but for the sake of thy people, that they may enjoy those blessings which thou hast promised them; and particularly, that our sons, who are the strength and hopes of a nation, may be like plants, flourishing and growing in height and strength, as plants do in their youth; for when they grow old, they wither and decay. Cornerstone - Strong and beautiful.89:14Breaking in - Of enemies invading the land, or assaulting our cities, and making breaches in their walls. Going out - Of our people, either out of the cities to fight with an invading enemy: or out of the land into captivity.


This also is an alphabetical psalm.

In it David praises God for his greatness, ver. 1 - 7.

For his goodness and everlasting kingdom, ver. 8 - 13.

For his providence, ver. 14 - 16.

For his mercy to his servants, ver. 17 - 21.

David's psalm of praise.89:14All - All that look up to him for help.89:15All - Of all living creatures. Wait - Expect their supplies wholly from thy bounty. Expectation is here figuratively ascribed to brute creatures.89:18Nigh - To answer their prayers. In truth - With an upright heart.


The psalmist praises God, and exhorts all to trust in him alone,

ver. 1 - 5.

Because of his power, faithfulness and everlasting kingdom, ver. 6 - 10.89:4That day - As soon as ever he is dead. Thoughts - All his designs and endeavours either for himself or for others.89:6For ever - Both because he liveth for ever to fulfil his promises, and because he is eternally faithful.


The psalmist praises God for his care over the church, ver. 1 - 14.

His government over all, ver. 15 - 18.

His giving his word to Israel, ver. 19, 20.89:4Calleth them - He exactly knows them as we do those whom we can call by name.89:9Ravens - Which he mentions because they were most contemptible, especially to the Jews, to whom they were unclean: and because they are not only neglected by men, but also forsaken by their dams as soon as ever they can fly, and so are wholly left to the care of Divine providence.89:10Delighteth not - As if he needed either the one or the other for the accomplishment of his designs.89:13Thy gates - Thy strength consists not in thy walls, and gates, and bars, but in his protection.89:14Borders - In all thy land, even to its utmost borders.89:15Commandment - Which is sufficient without any instruments to execute whatsoever pleaseth him. Swiftly - The thing is done without delay.89:16Like wool - Not only in colour and shape, and softness, but also in use, keeping the fruits of the earth warm. Ashes - In colour and smallness of parts, as also in its burning quality.89:17Ice - Great hail - stones, which are of an icy nature, and are cast forth out of the clouds, like morsels or fragments.


An exhortation to all creatures in heaven and earth, man especially,

to praise God, ver. 1 - 14.89:4Heavens of heavens - Ye highest heavens, the place of God's throne.Waters - Ye clouds which are above a part of the heavens.89:6Established - He hath made them constant and incorruptible, not changeable, as the things of the lower world. A decree - Concerning their continuance.89:7Dragons - Either serpents, which hide in the deep caverns of the earth; or whales, and other sea - monsters, which dwell in the depths of the sea.89:8Fire - Lightnings and other fireworks of the air. Vapour - Or, fumes: hot exhalations. Fulfilling his word - Executing his commands, either for the comfort or punishment of the inhabitants of the earth.89:13Above - Above all the glories which are in earth and in heaven.89:14The horn - In scripture commonly denotes strength, victory, glory, and felicity.


An exhortation to praise God for his love to his people, ver. 1 - 5.

And for enabling them to overcome their enemies, ver. 6 - 9.89:4The Lord - He rejoiceth over them to do them good.Beautify - Heb. adorn, make them amiable and honourable in the eyes of the world, who now hate and despise them.The meek - All true Israelites are such.89:5In glory - For the honour which God putteth upon them.Beds - By night as well as by day.89:7Vengeance - For all their cruelties and injuries towards God's people. This was literally accomplished by David upon the Philistines, Ammonites, Syrians and other neighbouring nations.89:9Written - Appointed and declared in the holy scripture.


An exhortation to praise God with all sorts of musical instruments,

ver. 1 - 6.89:1Sanctuary - In his temple. The firmament - In heaven: there let the blessed angels praise him.89:6Also - Every living creature in heaven and in earth.
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