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Genesis Chapter 1

What understanding do you get in the reading of the first chapter of Genesis?

Started by GodLeadsIFollow | 3 replies | Last reply by GodLeadsIFollow on Jun 14

GodLeadsIFollow Genesis 1:1-2 Genesis 1:1 Bereshit Bara Elohim Et Hashamayim Ve'Et Ha'Aretz. Be=at/in resh=head it=of Bara= created/creating/creation Elohim=gods Et=Cannot be translated in English, but it is the root word for sign and marks a direct object of the sentence. Ha=the shamay=heaven im=makes the word plural so would be heavens Ve=and Aretz=earth ... Therefore the exact sentence is "In head of creating/created/creation gods the heavens and the earth" Stating that the God (who is the Trinity) created the heavens and the earth

Jun 14, 2013

GodLeadsIFollow Genesis 1:2 Veha'Aretz Hayetah Tohu Vavohu Vechoshech Al-Penei Tehovm Veruach Elohim Merachefet Al-Penei Hammayim. Ve=and ha=the aretz=earth ha=the yetah=became/become tohu=waste vavohu= void ve=the choshech=darkness al=upon penei=face tehovm= deep ve=the ruach=spirit elohim=gods merachefet= hovering al=upon penei=face ha=the mayim=waters

Jun 14, 2013

GodLeadsIFollow Therefore the exact sentence is "And the earth the became/become waste void the darkness upon face deep the spirit gods hovering upon face the waters" This means that the earth came from nothingness as the Trinity hovered over the face of the waters. What we can learn here is that the Trinity is mentioned from the beginning by using God in the plural sense. Also, that the earth was created from nothing. Not one thing was there until the Trinity created it. Therefore, it proves further that the "big bang theory" can not be true since nothing existed before the Trinity created it. We also see that our earth was first water before it was anything else. What do you see out of this?

Jun 14, 2013

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