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Get Rid of Your Modern Versions

If you still havent done the switch and dont understand why anyone would only have one bible versions I hope you will take this challenge and read these articles on the matter and see if they make a difference in your life.

Started by kjfriend | 7 replies | Last reply by morningsider on Aug 29

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kjfriend Hi Jon, God bless you, thanks for your comment. Here is a greek and hebrew dictionary with the KJV bible online that you might like. Linked Word Project -

Dec 28, 2012

morningsider I started in a church that recommends that you read the King James a chapter a day, it is the one with scofield refferences , I couldn't do this with any other bible, but they all have there atributes and faliures . The easiest sin to commit is self righteousness, we have all done it and to deny this makes you self righteous. Remember God has allowed these lesser versions.

Aug 29, 2014

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