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How do you spread the word of Jesus?

Started by cheer_chic | 2 replies | Last reply by hnancy101 on Dec 3

MissAnonymous How do YOU do it?

Dec 1, 2014

hnancy101 That was actually my question for quite some time, but it kind of disappeared after I tried spreading the word of Jesus to two girls that I knew. I talked for about two hours telling them the struggles my family and friends went through, and how God helped them through it. It was on Thanksgiving and it felt like God was giving me the courage to do that. I was really happy that it had some effect on them, but I did not want to pressure them to become Christians. I do not whether or not they will become Christians, but I have done what I could have. I am not really sure how you do it, but I guess you just tell them.

Dec 3, 2014

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