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Devoted to worship

Devoted to the worship of the Lord - this is how John MacArthur characterized Moses based on Genesis 13: 3,4,18.

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Mjn0426 "building an altar" for us as Moses did may look like a picture in a frame, a journal entry, a piece of paper with a name in a "prayer box," or something on a piece of paper in a "blessing box" These things we can go back and look over later, at the end of the year and see how God has worked throughout. This was the purpose of altars back in the day I believe, to be a reminder of how God had blessed and taken us on a journey but also to worship at each stage. I loved the idea of these altars and piles of stone they left back then. Not only to remind themselves but as a witness to all the world of God had done. Pretty awesome. I want to make more of them this year.

Jan 8, 2013

tbgrace Excellent point that the altars are testimonies to God's work. I love the idea of a blessing box. I am thinking it can maybe be opened and shared each year at Thanksgiving. I am going to implement that idea. We are trying to get our house ready for sale and then moving so don't even know a good place to set a box up yet, but maybe a journal for now. Thanks for sharing.

Jan 11, 2013

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