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Why did Jesus get so angry about the Pharisees ` strict attitude toward the Sabbath when God himself demanded death if it was violated? I also found it very interesting that God spared Aaron and the people ultimately because of Moses' intercession even though they all should have been punished. Much like Jesus intercedes for us.

Started by xmommy2mybabiesx | 3 replies | Last reply by beckygowen on Jan 27

beckygowen Hi hon- I guess I lost my first response to you. I copied and pasted something and maybe it was too much. Basicaly, you need to remember that the Sabbath strictness was part of the Mosaic law or the Old Covenant before Jesus. Just think all of the requirments for animal sacrafices and other things were not required after Jesus came. Here is what someone else wrote about. When the early church met to decide whether gentile converts should keep the "law of Moses" (Acts 15:5), pre-Sinai commands given through Moses would have been considered part of the "law of Moses." The Torah of Moses included not just sacrifices, but all the other regulations that Moses wrote about, whether before Sinai or after.[5] "The law of Moses" is not required for Christians today. Peter said that those regulations were an unbearable yoke (Acts 15:10) and were not required for gentiles (verses 28-29). [Click here for more on Acts 15 and the law of Moses.]

Jan 27, 2013

xmommy2mybabiesx Ooooh OK. That makes sense. Thanks. :) Love you oodles

Jan 27, 2013

beckygowen Love you too oodles! I loved reading how Moses got to see the back of God and that Moses's face glowed. It is interesting how God placed the shadow of His hand to protect Moses. Can you imagine what that must have been like to be able to be that close to our Holy God? Your mama needs to get to bed. It is almost 1AM and tomorrow is worship (our Sabbath). I hope you and Mike have a wonderful worship too. Wish I was with my sweeties.

Jan 27, 2013

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