The Branches

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Discipleship Group.... To grow in God's Word, and become disciples for Christ!!


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I was just wondering what y'all think on this subject. It's just been legalized in England and in many states across the US. I understand Christians promote equality and state 'God loves all his children'. If this is so, why do some Christians have a problem with homosexual people? Wasn't the Bible written thousands of years ago by MEN, not God, MEN. A time where black people were treated as slaves and women had no rights? Shouldn't we have moved on from that era? That's right, we have so why do some ethnic groups not believe in gay rights? Your opinions always count :)

Growing In Faith Together (G.I.F.T.)

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Are you currently seeking an online bible study group where you can spend time in God’s Word with others? Are you seeking a community of believers where you can not just learn the Word of God but also engage in teaching others, sharing what have learned, and declaring your testimony? Well you have come to the right place! Welcome to G.I.F.T. Bible Study! G.I.F.T. stands for Growing In Faith Together and was founded December 5, 2013. Here at G.I.F.T., our mission is to grow together in the Word of God and in love. We will walk through God’s Word together book by book starting with the New Testament. Come one, come all and receive your daily bread and be embraced with love! Any questions - email us at [email protected] or leave a message/comment in the Discussion Forum or Comment Wall Our official start date is: January 26, 2014

Torah is Forever

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This group is for Believers who have wrestled with the doctrinal inconsistencies of the churches in Christendom. A study of God's word from a Hebraic model from which it was birthed. Jesus is Jewish, but what does that mean? Gentiles take that too lightly and really have no concept to the depth of that culture of which God calls HIS CULTIVATED olive tree. As the church, over the centuries, have violated Paul's warning to NOT boast against these natural branches or you will be cut off from the root. The root of God's Cultivated Olive Tree is the Torah. Jesus is the Torah made flesh. Torah is forever...or is God a liar?

Living The Christian Life Daily

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Insights and discussions concerning living our Christian Lives in this world while helping to support others along the way.


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Is anyone interested in starting the Masterlife series? It is about discipleship. I would like to have a small group who is interested in meeting once a week to participate in this series. Please sign up if you are interested. I think it will be very rewarding! Here is a link to the book if you want to check it out or Google it.

In Yeshua We Trust

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Many Christians have forgotten our roots. In Yeshua We Trust is a division of The VR Show that focuses on faith. Knowledge of faith is crucial in this day and age but multi-generational PTSD has caused so many rifts in the data pool. It is our goal and mission to help people understand what the bible meant to Jesus, and should mean to us. We want to work to bridge the gaps between the churches, and faiths, and reconnect to the life giving roots.

Testaments and Taps

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Sac Hermes,Sac Hermes pas cher,Sac Hermes soldes

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Sac Hermes,Sac Hermes pas cher,Sac Hermes soldes.

The Kingdom Culture

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Matt. 28: The Great Commision