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AGC WM Bible Study

1 member(s), created by lauramort920

Latest activity: Jan 26, 2015

Living The Christian Life Daily

23 member(s), created by Jamestsr

Latest activity: Jan 4, 2014

Insights and discussions concerning living our Christian Lives in this world while helping to support others along the way.

The Living Truth

6 member(s), created by natty123

Latest activity: Jan 5, 2015

Welcome everyone! I hope you all enjoy the group and will take active part of our Bible studies!

walking in the word

11 member(s), created by bstuser29

Latest activity: Dec 3, 2014

I made this group for people who wants to walk in the word daily. We get together and talk about lifes issuses and how can we apply the word to our lives

Open to Anything

22 member(s), created by Matt_Cordova

Latest activity: Oct 3, 2014

Hello, My name is Matt and I'm 18 years old and I would like to start a group that talks about anything the Lord has done for you today. Doesn't strictly have to be about that of course, we can talk about achievements, struggles, verses etc.. I've recently become a Christian and the reason I want to start this group is so that we can all ask any questions we might have. I, unfortunately, might not have all the answers because I too have questions. I figured if we have a group, then we can talk about things and have a snowball effect towards our questions. Please feel free to ask or say anything. Thank You

Busy-Life ESV study group

7 member(s), created by aranir

Latest activity: Nov 15, 2014

If you are a new Christian or like me a Christian that never read the Bible completely but have a busy life and feel you don't know where to start your reading please join me on my journey through the Bible from it's very beginning to the very last word. I signed up to start on 16th November 2014 the Busy-Life Plan Reading Plan and hope for anyone to join me and talk with me about the wonderful loving God we have. I will be reading the ESV but any version you prefer is alright. It might even help to have a diversion of translations.

Teen Christians on Fire

25 member(s), created by BlaineOBurger

Latest activity: Sep 11, 2012

A group of Christians Teens from any denomination with the purpose of accomplishing the will of Jesus Christ.

Singles looking for other God fearing singles

132 member(s), created by jewagner33

Latest activity: Jun 3, 2012

Have you ever wished to chat with other singles that believe in God("a rare bunch these days") then your in the right place (ages 25-35) Talk about What you think the lord wants for you and if its a wife/husband maybe you can find them here:)

Sinner to Saint through our Lords Sacrifice

2 member(s), created by ReAnne777

Latest activity: Jan 6, 2015

Have you ever wondered whether you could truly be "saved" after all the bad, evil, horrible, terrible, or terrifying things you've done or experienced in your life? Well, I was there once, and although still growing in my understanding that Christ DIED (past tense) for our sins, past and future, I am interested in exploring the Word and its power with others. I have a PHD in psychology, and spent many years helping others while never once looking at myself. I am now able to look at myself as God see's me, through Christ, although I know that every issue of my past seems to creep up and offer the enemy a chance to take advatange of our most vulnerable posession (our THINKING)!!!! If you are interested in sharing your stories, and getting out of Shame, Guilt, and Condemnation, Pity parties, and discover, together, through the Word, the "truth" of Gods sacrifice through the Son, I would love you to join this group, and we can see how it grows!

Bible Study for Women/College Girls

15 member(s), created by kayroggg

Latest activity: Sep 25, 2014

This is a bible study for college girls and women. I am open for suggestions on different studies so if you have any you can email me at [email protected] Other than that welcome to this bible study and I look forward to studying the word of God with you all :)