Let Go and Let God

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This would be a group discussion on "Relationships that are Toxic", because One "SEEKS" the "Lord" and the other "Is Not",,and no matter "how much you pray about it",, you continue to "Drown"in the situation,,should you "Stay,and keep the faith"? or should you "Go, and trust God to take care of them?.God says "Be still and "Know" that I am God", (Psalms 46:10), sometimes, you have to Let Go, and Let God,fix it,.,Move Over,,or even "Move Out",if necessary,,I Love the Lord, brought up in a Christian home,, married a man that didn't know him, (didn't try)and after 30 (plus) years, "I LET GO"

Dunrovin Bible Study

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The new kind of life

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The christian life is beautiful life; and all we want to do is talk about this amazing life that God has given us!

real bornagain ready to settle

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Singles sisters and brothers looking for their lost Eve or Adam.only in christ

for heaven's sake

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je suis un Théologien, je suis content et j'aime cette étude.


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Lets draw africans to get drunk with the Word of God

Faith Lift

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Faith Lift teachings to help you fight the good fight of faith in Jesus Christ.

Deacon's Corner

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Studying God's Word, Sharing Biblical Truth!


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We read a common Bible passage together and discuss ways that it applies to our lives.

Harvest TC Miller Men

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