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The Branches

15 member(s), created by bryankblakely

Latest activity: Mar 19, 2014

Discipleship Group.... To grow in God's Word, and become disciples for Christ!!

Spokane Hockey Bible Study

1 member(s), created by jcthomas5

Latest activity: Mar 17, 2014

We have a hockey chapel meeting bi-weekly and wanted to create a bible study group to meet on the off weeks.

The fellowship Group

1 member(s), created by TiaM06

Latest activity: Mar 16, 2014

Just a study group I started so I could talk with my friends. Hopefully this will be easier for is to connect. Just good fellowship talk and studing the bible.


1 member(s), created by catherine-2222

Latest activity: Mar 13, 2014

Bible for Blue

1 member(s), created by usmc1811

Latest activity: Feb 28, 2014

This is an online Bible study group for law enforcement officers in upstate NY. Any LEO can join and participate in these Biblical studies, which are tailored to the practical challenges of our career.


1 member(s), created by salemweb

Latest activity: Feb 19, 2014


bible study gruop

4 member(s), created by aemiro29

Latest activity: Feb 19, 2014

Test Group

1 member(s), created by hohoho55

Latest activity: Feb 18, 2014


Romans 8

2 member(s), created by 8d86987b-7fa0-43f2-93d8-a9374e8ee71e

Latest activity: Feb 17, 2014

Romans 8:29 Predestination, there seems to be a lot of confusion on this. From what I take is that we are all predestinated to be a child of God, however, we also have free will and we must choose Jesus to be adopted into his family. God doesn't pre- decide that some will be saved and others will not. I think we do that by choosing Jesus or not

New Faith

1 member(s), created by lindseyn86

Latest activity: Feb 10, 2014

This is a group to those who are new to the Christian faith like myself. It is a place to make friends, learn about God, and share experiences. Please join!