teenage bible study for beginners

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If you are having trouble understanding the word of God or you don't read the Bible that often, yet you still want to learn about the love of God. Here we are to help


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No one can call himself/herself christian without having FIDUCIA. There is an abysmal difference between a believer and a christian. "You believe that God is one; you do well. Even the demons believe—and shudder!" (James 2:19).


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This is a group that want to grow with people who are eager to learn the word of God, and about his son Jesus. I'm new to studying, and I would like to her about any Bible verses, books, and chapters you are reading/studying at this time. Maybe we all can share our insights and thoughts about The Bible. All welcome. My name is Doris Bryant most people call me Freda.

Study Hall

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Study Hall

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I was just wondering what y'all think on this subject. It's just been legalized in England and in many states across the US. I understand Christians promote equality and state 'God loves all his children'. If this is so, why do some Christians have a problem with homosexual people? Wasn't the Bible written thousands of years ago by MEN, not God, MEN. A time where black people were treated as slaves and women had no rights? Shouldn't we have moved on from that era? That's right, we have so why do some ethnic groups not believe in gay rights? Your opinions always count :)

group of friends

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Jovens Cristaos

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Grupo de estudos dos jovens da Igreja Nove de Julho


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GSGMBC - GREATER SERVICE for GOD thru Jesus Christ, MEN BEING the CHRUCH. Being a change agent for Christ,

The Branches

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Discipleship Group.... To grow in God's Word, and become disciples for Christ!!