Bible for Blue

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This is an online Bible study group for law enforcement officers in upstate NY. Any LEO can join and participate in these Biblical studies, which are tailored to the practical challenges of our career.


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bible study gruop

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Test Group

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Romans 8

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Romans 8:29 Predestination, there seems to be a lot of confusion on this. From what I take is that we are all predestinated to be a child of God, however, we also have free will and we must choose Jesus to be adopted into his family. God doesn't pre- decide that some will be saved and others will not. I think we do that by choosing Jesus or not

New Faith

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This is a group to those who are new to the Christian faith like myself. It is a place to make friends, learn about God, and share experiences. Please join!


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For all women who have graduated from CWJC-Waco site.

inter-cultural bible study group

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we are a small group of Africans studying the bible in a small group. we like to join a group can study the bible with us. we choose a bible passage we study it in the African context and see how the word of God can make meaning to us and we share it to our study partner(s) while they send to us the same passage they have studied in their own group. we are waiting to meek your group. you can start a group

Warriors Bible Study

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This Bible Study is a weekly study directed towards men that long to become a warrior for Christ. In today's world we are constantly at battle with the devil in every aspect of life. We are commanded by Jesus to Follow him and fish for men. That is the purpose of this group, to wage war against the devil and gain strength in number. By staying in God's word and allowing him to transform us we can learn what it means to truly follow Him.

Journey in Scripture

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