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Puget Sound Study Group

1 member(s), created by derekpw

Latest activity: Apr 29, 2014

Bible Study Tools members in the Puget Sound area of Washington state.

Seven Churches Biblical Tours

2 member(s), created by Mavilight

Latest activity: Apr 23, 2014

The command has been to "go". He has asked us to be witnesses unto the uttermost parts of the earth, but we have stayed. Travel and pilgrimage to biblical sites are faith-deepening victorious means for many global Christians with a global vision.

Faith MBC

1 member(s), created by Djsjet

Latest activity: Apr 23, 2014

Faith Missionary Baptist Church, Round Rock Open Bible Study Group

In Yeshua We Trust

1 member(s), created by qween.vr.lll

Latest activity: Apr 17, 2014

Many Christians have forgotten our roots. In Yeshua We Trust is a division of The VR Show that focuses on faith. Knowledge of faith is crucial in this day and age but multi-generational PTSD has caused so many rifts in the data pool. It is our goal and mission to help people understand what the bible meant to Jesus, and should mean to us. We want to work to bridge the gaps between the churches, and faiths, and reconnect to the life giving roots.

Testaments and Taps

1 member(s), created by rweismiller

Latest activity: Apr 12, 2014

Sac Hermes,Sac Hermes pas cher,Sac Hermes soldes

1 member(s), created by createhg148

Latest activity: Apr 8, 2014

Sac Hermes,Sac Hermes pas cher,Sac Hermes soldes.

The Kingdom Culture

1 member(s), created by revanthonymartin

Latest activity: Apr 7, 2014

Matt. 28: The Great Commision

The living word

2 member(s), created by jessica34shifflett

Latest activity: Apr 5, 2014

Want to learn and teach? I would like to have a group of really serious ppl. Who want to discuss. The bible with,ppl only serious

It's Small Group Yo

1 member(s), created by cfontana7

Latest activity: Apr 4, 2014

This is my intial test to see if this will work

Wayler 1

1 member(s), created by wayler

Latest activity: Apr 3, 2014

Grupo de Wayler