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What to do

Hello! I'm a 25 yr old housewife and mother. I met my husband 5 years and we got married 3 years ago. When we were dating he understood how strong I was in my faith. he supported it and also showed a strong faith. Recently he has showed a small amount of doubt. He believes in something he just doesn't know if GOD is that something. I believe he is just in a grey area. I'm thinking he just needs to be reminded of his faith. What should I do?

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Hey guys :) My best and I exchanged vows in October, 4 months ago. This is my second marriage and the marriage God intended. We both are devoted Christians, and try with everything we have to be the best for God we can be. We know it's hard. I work 12 hour shifts, and he works at a secured job as well. Life is great. We are blessed. I wanted to join this group so that this will help me stay on the path of being a good wife.

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Hey guys :)

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How to do it when he won't

Hello! I am a newlywed (10 months) and my husband and I are having intimacy issues across the board. He won't go to counseling because "he isn't doing anything wrong and the issues we have you (myself) create." I am struggling to know how to handle this. I have sought out a counselor on my own and am waiting to get a call back to make an appointment.

Started by leeler87 | 4 replies | Last reply by Jennifer2590 on Jul 20

Most Importantly

Hey everyone! Reading on some of your comments I found a lot of marriages seem to have some troubles (all marriages do) but to the point where they fall apart. I am married young, my husband is Christian and he is part of the church's music group.

Started by SoulFilledWithChrist | 21 replies | Last reply by casscampbell on Feb 2

looking forward

Hello! I am looking forward to this christian wife group to learn how to be a good christian wife for which my marriage seems to be falling apart.

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