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Quiet times

This week in class we talked about spending time with God everyday in his Word because it is our FOOD (Matt 4:4); it is our LIFE (Deut 32:44-47); and it is our JUDGE (John 12:47-48). We can't just READ it - we need to APPLY it (James 1:22), EXAMINE it DAILY (Acts 17:11) and let it help us to CUT OUT any sin that will separate us from God (Heb 4:12-13). Our faith will grow from hearing the Word (Rom 10:17). In the same way, our faith will NOT grow if we are not in God's Word. See below.

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The Word of God

This week in class we looked at the claims the Bible makes about itself - and they were pretty intense (imo). All or nothing, you either believe it or you don't. God doesn't use vague language in talking about his Word. As you study and digest what we went through so quickly, please share your thoughts about what you have learned, or share other scriptures you find about God's word and its relevance to our lives today. I look forward to hearing your insights :)

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One Another Relationships

This week, we will be discussing One Another Relationships and looking at the scriptures I handed out in class last night. Pick your favorite 3 and tell us what they mean to you - share your insights and encourage each other here on our forum. God wants us to be there for each other and for us to have DEEP relationships that point each other to our Father in heaven. Let the sharing begin :)

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This week, we will be looking at forgiveness. The scriptures from last night's class were Matthew 6: 14-15, Matthew 18: 21-35, Mark 11:25, Psalms 103:12 and Isaiah 43:25. I am so thankful for God's forgiveness (and how he forgets my sins as well). How are we doing this week on forgiving others? What about forgiving ourselves? (That's what I'm working on) Share any other scriptures you find on forgivenss with the group. Let's encourage one another, daily would be great :)

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Seeking God

This week we will be focusing on scriptures that have to do with seeking God and sharing our thoughts with the group. How are we really doing at seeking God this week? What are some ways we can seek God? How do you connect with Him? For our theme verse, what are "all these things" that will be added to you? Let's get the conversation rolling :)

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