ebony1453 posted on Luke 10:4

Created on Sep 08, 2014

When did Jesus become poor? Some people picture Him as poor throughout His earthly ministry, but this is not accurate. He Himself did not carry a lot ...  Read more

osbu0001 posted on Genesis 8:1

Created on Sep 08, 2014

1. (8:21) God acknowledges that every human inclination is tainted by evil, but, because Noah sacrificed, God will not completely destroy the human r...  Read more

gr8gram posted on Isaiah 18:1

Created on Sep 08, 2014

18 - Concerning Ethiopia “To us, this brief chapter is the most difficult one of all the sixty-six chapters of Isaiah.” (Bultema) “Although the prop...  Read more

Avalyn_Hunter posted on Isaiah 40:18

Created on Sep 08, 2014

Having presented the incomparable God, Isaiah turns to the folly of trying to represent Him through an idol. Not only is an idol incapable of represen...  Read more

KenWelch1 posted on Malachi 2:2

Created on Sep 08, 2014

Here the priests are punished for meeting the letter of the Law without heart.

KenWelch1 posted on Malachi 1:3

Created on Sep 08, 2014

Jacob was pleasing to God because he was the child of promise. Esau was an earthly man born of of an unholy union.

KenWelch1 posted on Ecclesiastes 1:1

Created on Sep 08, 2014

Solomon likely wrote this in his late middle age. By this time he had been misled in his spiritual journey by his many non-Hebrew wives. Also, humans ...  Read more

thinkadapt posted on James 4:11

Created on Sep 08, 2014

Friendship with the world=hatred towards God. Essentially it means turning to the devil for our needs instead of God. We actually cheat on God, li...  Read more

thinkadapt posted on 0:0

Created on Sep 08, 2014

James 4:12 There is only one Lawgiver and Judge, the one who is able to save and destroy. But you--who are you to judge your neighbour? Throughout t...  Read more

Mikas posted on Nehemiah 9:1

Created on Sep 07, 2014

States that Shabbat is holy and belongs to ADONAI.