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1 Chronicles 4:24

Overview - 1 Chronicles 4
The posterity of Judah by Caleb, the son of Hur.
Of Ashur, the posthumous son Hezron.
Of Jabez, and his prayer.
11 The other families of the same stock.
21 The sons of Shelah.
24 The posterity and cities of Simeon.
39 Their conquest of Gedor, and of the Amalekites in mount Seir.
Treasury of Scripture Knowledge

1 Chronicles 4:24  (King James Version)
The sons of Simeon were, Nemuel, and Jamin, Jarib, Zerah, and Shaul:

The sons of Simeon
This genealogy differs in many particulars from those in the parallel places; probably being occasioned by the same person's having several names.

Genesis 46:10 ; Exodus 6:15

Numbers 26:12-14

Genesis 46:10