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2 Kings 25:7

Overview - 2 Kings 25
Jerusalem is besieged.
Zedekiah taken, his sons slain, his eyes put out.
Nebuzar-adan defaces the city, carries the remnant, except a few poor labourers, into captivity;
13 and spoils and carries away the treasures.
18 The nobles are slain at Riblah.
22 Gedaliah, who was over them that remained, being slain, the rest flee into Egypt.
27 Evil-merodach advances Jehoiachin in his court.
Treasury of Scripture Knowledge

2 Kings 25:7  (King James Version)
And they slew the sons of Zedekiah before his eyes, and put out the eyes of Zedekiah, and bound him with fetters of brass, and carried him to Babylon.

they slew
Genesis 21:16 ; 44:34 Deuteronomy 28:34 ; Jeremiah 22:30 ; Jeremiah 39:6 Jeremiah 39:7 Jeremiah 52:10 Jeremiah 52:11

and put out
Hebrew and made blind.
Thus were fulfilled the apparently contradictory prophecies of Jeremiah and Ezekiel--that his eyes should see the king of Babylon, but Babylon he should not see, though he should die there.
Jeremiah 32:4 Jeremiah 32:5 ; 34:3 Ezekiel 12:13-16

bound him
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