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Luke 22:28

Overview - Luke 22
The Jews conspire against Christ.
Satan prepares Judas to betray him.
The apostles prepare the passover.
19 Christ institutes his holy supper;
21 covertly foretells of the traitor;
24 rebukes the rest of his apostles from ambition;
31 assures Peter his faith should not fail;
34 and yet he should deny him thrice.
39 He prays in the mount, and sweats blood;
47 is betrayed with a kiss;
50 he heals Malchus' ear;
54 he is thrice denied of Peter;
63 shamefully abused;
66 and confesses himself to be the Son of God.
Treasury of Scripture Knowledge

Luke 22:28  (King James Version)
Ye are they which have continued with me in my temptations.

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