Luke 4:44

Overview - Luke 4
The temptation and fasting of Christ.
14 He begins to preach.
16 The people of Nazareth admire his gracious words, but being offended, seek to kill him.
33 He cures one possessed of a devil,
38 Peter's mother-in-law,
40 and divers other sick persons.
41 The devils acknowledge Christ, and are reproved for it.
42 He preaches through the cities of Galilee.
Treasury of Scripture Knowledge

Luke 4:44  (King James Version)
And he preached in the synagogues of Galilee.

15 ; Matthew 4:23 ; Mark 1:39

Many of the Jewish traditions, in accordance with Isaiah 9:1 , 2, ; assert that Galilee was the place where the Messiah should first appear. Thus also Isaiah 2:19 ,"When he shall arise to smite terribly the earth," is expounded in the book Zohar, as referring to the Messiah: "When he shall arise; [Vayitgaleh be-ar'ah de-galil,] and shall be revealed in the land of Galilee."