Woe to the Complacent

1 Woe to those who are at ease in Zion and to those who feel secure on the hill of Samaria- the notable people in this first of the nations, those the house of Israel comes to.

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      2 Cross over to Calneh and see; go from there to great Hamath; then go down to Gath of the Philistines. Are you better than these kingdoms? Is their territory larger than yours?
      3 You dismiss any thought of the evil daya and bring in a reign of violence.

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        • a 6:3 - Am 9:10
          4 They lie on beds [inlaid with] ivory, sprawled out on their couches, and dine on lambs from the flock and calves from the stall.
          5 They improvise songsb to the sound of the harp and inventc their own musical instruments like David.

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            • b 6:5 - Hb obscure
            • c 6:5 - Or compose on
              6 They drink wine by the bowlful and anoint themselves with the finest oils but do not grieve over the ruin of Joseph.d

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                • d 6:6 - Jr 8:21; Lm 2:11
                  7 Therefore, they will now go into exile as the first of the captives, and the feasting of those who sprawl out will come to an end.