Ezekiel 21:1-10 CSB

God's Sword of Judgment

1 a The word of the Lord came to me again:

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    • a 21:1 - Ezk 21:6 in Hb
      2 "Son of man, turn your face toward Jerusalem and preach against the sanctuaries. Prophesy against the land of Israel,
      3 and say to it: This is what the Lord says: I am against you. I will draw My sword from its sheath and cut off both the righteous and the wicked from you.
      4 Since I will cut offb [both] the righteous and the wicked, My sword will therefore come out of its sheath against everyone from the south to the north.

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        • b 21:4 - Lit off from you
          5 So all the people will know that I, the Lord, have taken My sword from its sheath-it will not be sheathed again.
          6 "But you, son of man, groan! Groan bitterly with a broken heartc right before their eyes.

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            • c 21:6 - Lit with broken loins
              7 And when they ask you: Why are you groaning? then say: Because of the news that is coming. Every heart will melt, and every hand will become weak. Every spirit will be discouraged, and every knee will turn to water. Yes, it is coming and it will happen." [This is] the declaration of the Lord God .
              8 The word of the Lord came to me:
              9 "Son of man, prophesy: This is what the Lord says! You are to proclaim: A sword! A sword is sharpened and also polished.
              10 It is sharpened for slaughter, polished to flash like lightning! Should we rejoice? The scepter of My son,d the sword despises every tree.e

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                • d 21:10 - Gn 49:9-10; 2 Sm 7:14
                • e 21:10 - Hb obscure