Jeremiah 5:1-13 CSB

The Depravity of Jerusalem

1 Roam through the streets of Jerusalem. Look and take note; search in her squares. If you find a single person, anyone who acts justly, who seeks to be faithful, then I will forgive her.a

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    • a 5:1 - Gn 18:26-32
      2 When they say, "As the Lord lives,"b they are swearing falsely.

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        • b 5:2 - Jr 4:2
          3 Lord, don't Your eyes [look for] faithfulness? You have struck them, but they felt no pain. You finished them off, but they refused to accept discipline. They made their faces harder than rock, and they refused to return.
          4 Then I thought: They are just the poor; they have played the fool. For they don't understand the way of the Lord, the justice of their God.c

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            • c 5:4 - Jr 8:7; 2 Kg 17:26
              5 I will go to the powerful and speak to them. Surely they know the way of the Lord, the justice of their God. However, these also had broken the yoke and torn off the fetters.d

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                • d 5:5 - Jr 2:20
                  6 Therefore, a lion from the forest will strike them down.e A wolf from an arid plain will ravage them. A leopard keeps watch over their cities. Anyone who leaves them will be torn to pieces because their rebellious acts are many, their unfaithful deeds numerous.

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                    • e 5:6 - 2 Kg 17:26
                      7 Why should I forgive you? Your children have abandoned Me and sworn by those who are not gods. I satisfied their needs, yet they committed adultery; they gashed themselvesf at the prostitute's house.

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                        • f 5:7 - 1 Kg 18:24
                          8 They are well-fed,g eagerh stallions,i each neighing after someone else's wife.

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                            • g 5:8 - Lit well-equipped; Hb obscure
                            • h 5:8 - Lit early-rising; Hb obscure
                            • i 5:8 - Ezk 23:20
                              9 Should I not punish them for these things? [This is]*The bracketed text has been added for clarity. the Lord's declaration. Should I not avenge Myselfj on such a nation as this?

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                                • j 5:9 - Jr 5:29; 8:10
                                  10 Go up among her vineyard terraces and destroy them, but do not finish them off.k Prune away her shoots, for they do not belong to the Lord.

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                                    • k 5:10 - Jr 4:27; 5:18
                                      11 They, the house of Israel and the house of Judah, have dealt very treacherously with Me. [This is]*The bracketed text has been added for clarity. the Lord's declaration.
                                      12 They have contradicted the Lord and insisted, "It won't happen.l Harm won't come to us; we won't see sword or famine."

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                                        • l 5:12 - Lit He does not exist
                                          13 The prophets become [only] wind, for the [Lord's] word is not in them. This will in fact happen to them.