Acceptable Sacrifices

17 The Lord spoke to Moses:
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      18 "Speak to Aaron, his sons, and all the Israelites and tell them: Any man of the house of Israel or of the foreign residents in Israel who presents his offering-whether they present freewill gifts or payment of vows to the Lord as burnt offerings-
      19 must offer an unblemished malea from the cattle, sheep, or goats in order for you to be accepted.
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          20 You are not to present anything that has a defect, because it will not be accepted on your behalf.
          21 "When a man presents a fellowship sacrifice to the Lord to fulfill a vow or as a freewill offering from the herd or flock, it has to be unblemished to be acceptable; there must be no defect in it.
          22 You are not to present any [animal] to the Lord that is blind, injured, maimed, or has a running sore, festering rash, or scabs; you may not put any of them on the altar as a fire offering to the Lord.b
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              23 You may sacrifice as a freewill offering any animal from the herd or flock that has an elongated or stunted limb, but it is not acceptable as a vow offering.
              24 You are not to present to the Lord anything that has bruised, crushed, torn, or severed [testicles];c you must not sacrifice [them] in your land.
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                  25 Neither you nord a foreigner are to present food to your God from any of these animals. They will not be accepted for you because they are deformed and have a defect."e
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                    • p 22:25 - Lit nor from the hand of
                    • q 22:25 - Mal 1:14
                      26 The Lord spoke to Moses:
                      27 "When an ox, sheep, or goat is born, it must remain withf its mother for seven days; from the eighth dayg on, it will be acceptable as a gift, a fire offering to the Lord.
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                          28 But you are not to slaughter an animal from the herd or flock on the same day as its young.h
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                            • t 22:28 - Ex 23:19; Dt 22:6-7
                              29 When you sacrifice a thank offering to the Lord, sacrifice it so that you may be accepted.i
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                                  30 It is to be eaten on the same day.j Do not let any of it remain until morning; I am the Lord.
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                                    • v 22:30 - Lv 7:15; 19:6-7; Ex 34:25
                                      31 "You are to keep My commands and do them; I am the Lord.
                                      32 You must not profane My holy name; I must be treated as holyk among the Israelites. I am the Lord who sets you apart,
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                                        • w 22:32 - Lv 19:12; 21:6-8,23; 22:2
                                          33 the One who brought you out of the land of Egypt to be your God; I am the Lord."