Micah 7:14-17 CSB

Micah's Prayer Answered

14 Shepherd Your people with Your staff, the flock that is Your possession. They live alonea in a scrubland, surrounded by pastures. Let them graze in Bashan and Gileadb as in ancient times.

References for Micah 7:14

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      15 I will show themc wondrous deedsd as in the days of your exodus from the land of Egypt.

      References for Micah 7:15

        • o 7:15 - Israel
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          16 Nations will see and be ashamed ofe all their power. They will put [their] hands over [their] mouths, and their ears will become deaf.

          References for Micah 7:16

            • q 7:16 - Or ashamed in spite of
              17 They will lick the dust like a snake;f they will come trembling out of their hiding places like reptiles slithering on the ground. They will tremble before the Lord our God; they will stand in awe of You.

              References for Micah 7:17

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