Numbers 5:7-17 CSB

7 The person is to confess the sin he has committed. He is to pay full compensation, add a fifth of its value to it, and give [it] to the individual he has wronged.a

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    • b 5:7 - Lv 6:1-5
      8 But if that individual has no relativeb to receive compensation,c the compensation goes to the Lord for the priest, along with the atonement ram by which the priest will make atonement for the [guilty] person.d

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        • c 5:8 - Lv 25:25,48-49; Jr 32:7
        • d 5:8 - In the case of the individual's death
        • e 5:8 - Lv 6:6-7
          9 Every holy contribution the Israelites present to the priest will be his.e

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            • f 5:9 - Ex 25:2-3; 29:27-28; Lv 7:14,32,34
              10 Each one's holy contribution is his [to give]; what each one gives to the priest will be his."

              The Jealousy Ritual

              11 The Lord spoke to Moses:

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                  12 "Speak to the Israelites and tell them: If any man's wife goes astray, is unfaithful to him,
                  13 and sleeps with another,f but it is concealed from her husband, and she is undetected, even though she has defiled herself, since there is no witness against her, and she wasn't caught [in the act];

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                    • g 5:13 - Lit and man lies with her [and has] an emission of semen
                      14 and if a feeling of jealousy comes over the husband and he becomes jealous because of his wife who has defiled herself-or if a feeling of jealousy comes over him and he becomes jealous of her though she has not defiled herself-
                      15 then the man is to bring his wife to the priest. He is also to bring an offering for her of two quartsg of barley flour. He is not to pour oil over it or put frankincense on it because it is a grain offering of jealousy, a grain offering for remembrance that brings sin to mind.

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                        • h 5:15 - Lit a tenth of an ephah
                          16 "The priest is to bring her forward and have her stand before the Lord.
                          17 Then the priest is to take holy water in a clay bowl, and take some of the dust from the tabernacle floor and put [it] in the water.