Zechariah 9:1-8 CSB

Judgment of Zion's Enemies

1 An Oracle The word of the Lord is against the land of Hadrach, and Damascus is its resting place- for the eyes of men and all the tribes of Israel are on the Lord a-

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    • a 9:1 - Or eyes of the Lord are on mankind-
      2 and also against Hamath, which borders it, as well as Tyre and Sidon, though they are very shrewd.
      3 Tyre has built herself a fortress; she has heaped up silver like dust and gold like the dirt of the streets.
      4 Listen! The Lord will impoverish her and cast her wealth into the sea; she herself will be consumed by fire.b

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        • b 9:4 - Ezk 26:4-6; 27:27
          5 Ashkelon will see it and be afraid; Gaza too, and will writhe in great pain, as will Ekron, for her hope will fail. There will cease to be a king in Gaza, and Ashkelon will become uninhabited.
          6 A mongrel people will live in Ashdod, and I will destroy the pride of the Philistines.c

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            • c 9:6 - Am 1:6-8; Zph 2:4-6
              7 I will remove the blood from their mouths and the detestable thingsd from between their teeth. Then they too will become a remnant for our God; they will become like a clan in Judah and Ekron like the Jebusites.e

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                • d 9:7 - Lv 11:10; Dt 29:17; Dn 11:31
                • e 9:7 - 2 Sm 5:6-10; 24:16-25
                  8 I will set up camp at My house against an army,f against those who march back and forth, and no oppressor will march against them again, for now I have seen with My own eyes.

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                    • f 9:8 - Or house as a guard