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Daniel 11:1-8 (New International Version)

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1 And in the first year of Darius1 the Mede, I took my stand to support and protect him.)

The Kings of the South and the North

2 "Now then, I tell you the truth:2 Three more kings will appear in Persia, and then a fourth, who will be far richer than all the others. When he has gained power by his wealth, he will stir up everyone against the kingdom of Greece.3 3 Then a mighty king will appear, who will rule with great power and do as he pleases.4 4 After he has appeared, his empire will be broken up and parceled out toward the four winds of heaven.5 It will not go to his descendants, nor will it have the power he exercised, because his empire will be uprooted6 and given to others. 5 "The king of the South will become strong, but one of his commanders will become even stronger than he and will rule his own kingdom with great power. 6 After some years, they will become allies. The daughter of the king of the South will go to the king of the North to make an alliance, but she will not retain her power, and he and his powera will not last. In those days she will be handed over, together with her royal escort and her fatherb and the one who supported her. 7 "One from her family line will arise to take her place. He will attack the forces of the king of the North7 and enter his fortress; he will fight against them and be victorious. 8 He will also seize their gods,8 their metal images and their valuable articles of silver and gold and carry them off to Egypt.9 For some years he will leave the king of the North alone.
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