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1 Corinthians 16:2 DBY

2 On [the] first of [the] week let each of you put by at home, laying up [in] whatever [degree] he may have prospered, that there may be no collections when I come.

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  • a 16:1 - It means ordering troops, so as to set them in array; and in general, thence, any order directing any plan to be followed.
  • b 16:3 - It may be read 'whomsoever ye shall approve by letters, I will send them to carry,' &c.
  • c 16:7 - Not exactly 'purpose;' but 'it is not my desire or intention.'
  • d 16:12 - It may mean 'often,' but the word is used for 'much' in v. 19.
  • e 16:12 - Or 'but it was not, at any rate, his will.'
  • f 16:14 - Lit. 'all your things.'
  • g 16:15 - Oida. It refers to their inward acquaintance with their qualities, not objective knowledge.
  • h 16:15 - 'Devoted themselves,' &c. In sum this is the sense; but the force of the apostle's phrase is not wholly given. The Greek word means 'appointed to,' as an officer to a regiment. The family of Stephanas had appointed themselves to the saints for service -- given themselves up to serve them, or rather given themselves up to them. 'The saints' is governed by the verb, not by 'service.' The idea resulting from what I have given in the text is more what the apostle means.
  • i 16:22 - Phileo: see John 5.20.
  • j 16:22 - Meaning, 'Accursed -- the Lord cometh.'