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1 Corinthians 4:5 DBY

5 So that do not judge anything before [the] time, until the Lord shall come, who shall also both bring to light the hidden things of darkness, and shall make manifest the counsels of hearts; and then shall each have [his] praise from God.

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    • c 4:5 - Lit. 'then shall the praise be to each from God.'

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      • a 4:1 - The appointed servant. Three words are translated 'servant': doulos, a slave, bondman; diakonos, a person who acts or waits in service; and huperetes, as here, which is always used in the New Testament for an official servant, or apparitor: see Luke 1.2; Acts 26.16. For latreuo, serve, see Matt. 4.10.
      • b 4:3 - The word does not signify 'judgment,' but the preliminary examination, at which the accused has to answer and give an account of himself, as Luke 23.14.
      • c 4:5 - Lit. 'then shall the praise be to each from God.'
      • d 4:6 - The word is used for a metaphor, no doubt, because a metaphor transfers the thoughts as to one object, to another which is an image of it. Amos says, 'The lion has roared,' speaking of God's threatening ways with Israel, as if he were his prey: in thought it is to be transferred to Israel. So here Paul is really speaking of those who came with great pretensions amongst the Corinthians, and he transferred it to himself and Apollos, that he might establish the principle universally, without naming these persons. By saying he 'transferred' it, the application was easy: but one can hardly say that is a figure.
      • e 4:13 - Kosmos: as chs. 1.20; 7.31,34.
      • f 4:16 - Parakaleo. The word has to be rendered very differently in English in different places, and is hard to render, though simple and easy to understand. It means 'to call upon a person so as to stimulate him to anything;' hence 'to exhort, comfort or encourage:' see Note to 2Cor. 1.4. It has a fuller force here than a mere apostolic or pastoral exhortation.