18 What is the reward then that I have? That in announcing the glad tidings I make the glad tidings costless [to others], so as not to have made use, as belonging to me, of my right in [announcing] the glad tidings.

References for 1 Corinthians 9:18

    • g 9:18 - The same word as translated in ch. 7.31, 'not disposing of it as their own.' According to common usage it is 'to use as one who has possession of a thing;' using it as he likes, as his own. The apostle, as sent of the Lord to preach, had a right to be supported; but he did not use this right. It would not have been an abuse; but he did not use it for himself, as a thing he possessed. He weighed the effect as to Christ's glory. 'Made use of it' hardly fully expresses the force of it. The sense is given in result in adding 'as belonging to me.'