5 Because, even as the sufferings of the Christ a abound towards us, so through the Christ does our encouragement also abound.
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    • b 1:5 - I would take this opportunity of drawing attention to the difference between 'Christ' and 'the Christ.' 'The Christ' is a title, the designation of a condition or office, not a name; 'Christ' is a name. These are not used indifferently, and in the Gospels, where in Greek the word occurs alone, it is almost invariably 'the Christ,' the Messiah, or Anointed; while in the Epistles it is rarely so, but is used as a name. Some cases are doubtful, because the structure of the Greek phrase requires or prefers the article: this is the case here. However, on the whole I believe the article should be inserted here in English. When the article is inserted in this translation, the office or condition is considered to be the prominent thought.