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2 Corinthians 9:1 DBY

1 For concerning the ministration which [is] for the saints, it is superfluous my writing to you.

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  • a 9:2 - i.e. 'the body,' as ch. 2.6.
  • b 9:5 - Or 'as covetousness,' from a verb signifying, along with the desire of having, an over-reaching to get.
  • c 9:6 - 'Blessing.' The sense is plain, though the word is unusual. I note it in view of verse 6. It is the spirit in which a man gives: as God gives, freely to bless, so ought we: and such as so give shall so reap from him.
  • d 9:7 - Or 'not as grieving [to do it]:' contrast with 'cheerful.'
  • e 9:7 - Prov. 22.8, LXX.
  • f 9:8 - 'Every grace' or 'benefit.'
  • g 9:9 - See Ps. 112.9.
  • h 9:10 - It is possible to translate: 'now he that supplies seed to the sower shall both supply bread for the eating, and make abundant.'
  • i 9:13 - Koinonia, as 'fellowship,' 1Cor. 1.9.