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Acts 17:18 DBY

18 But some also of the Epicurean and Stoic philosophers attacked him. And some said, What would this chatterer say? and some, He seems to be an announcer of foreign demons, because he announced the glad tidings of Jesus and the resurrection [to them].

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  • a 17:4 - * Lit. 'were convinced' or 'persuaded,' as Luke 16.31.
  • b 17:4 - See Note, ch. 13.43.
  • c 17:8 - The special title of the city magistrates of Thessalonica.
  • d 17:11 - Lit. 'being such as received.'
  • e 17:14 - The use of 'as' here is not of semblance of anything, but of purpose or intention.
  • f 17:17 - See Note. ch. 13.43.
  • g 17:22 - i.e. 'the hill of Mars.' The tribunal which watched over the morals of the Athenians, and saw that due honour was paid to the gods, held its sessions on Areopagus and was so designated. The word here may therefore refer either to the place, or to the tribunal which met there.
  • h 17:22 - Lit. 'Men Athenians.' The introduction of 'men' in these passages is not merely a Hebraism. It is the accustomed oratorical address in Greek.
  • i 17:22 - Or 'worship of the gods.'