27 And he shall confirm a covenant with the many [for] one week; and in the midst of the week he shall cause the sacrifice and the oblation to cease, and because of the protection of abominations [there shall be] a desolator, even until that the consumption and what is determined shall be poured out upon the desolate.
References for Daniel 9:27
    • o 9:27 - Strictly, 'in the dividing of the week.'
    • p 9:27 - Lit. 'wing:' see Isa. 8.8. It might be rendered: 'and the abominations (idols) of the desolator shall be on the pinnacle' (i.e. of the temple).
    • q 9:27 - idols.
    • r 9:27 - Others, 'the desolator.'