3 who being [the] effulgence a of his glory and [the] expression of his substance, b and upholding all things by the word of his c power, having made d [by himself] the purification of sins, set himself down on the right hand of the greatness on high,
References for Hebrews 1:3
    • e 1:3 - That which fully presents the glory which is in something else. Thus light makes us know what the sun is; the tabernacle, what the pattern in the mount was.
    • f 1:3 - Clearly 'substance,' 'essential being,' not 'person.' It is of God, not of the Father.
    • g 1:3 - That is, his own, the Son's.
    • h 1:3 - The form (middle) of the verb here, has a peculiar reflexive force, 'having done it for himself.' Though we, as alone the sinners, have the profit, yet the work was done within his own person and work, without us, as when a man journeys, and so when he makes a person his friend, his wife.