1 Let brotherly love abide.
2 Be not forgetful of hospitality; for by it some have unawares entertained angels.
3 Remember prisoners, as bound with [them]; those that are evil-treated, as being yourselves also in [the] body.
4 [Let] marriage [be held] every way in honour, and the bed [be] undefiled; for fornicators and adulterers will God judge.
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    • a 13:4 - Or 'Let marriage be held in honour amongst all.' The expression does not mean simply that the marriage tie is to be respected when in it, and kept pure, but that the tie itself was to be held in honour. In purity of walk that was done by the married no doubt, but not in every case.
      5 [Let your] conversation [be] without love of money, satisfied with [your] present circumstances; for *he* has said, I will not leave thee, neither will I forsake thee.
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        • b 13:5 - Josh. 1.5. See also Deut. 31. 6.
          6 So that, taking courage, we may say, The Lord [is] my helper, and I will not be afraid: what will man do unto me?
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            • c 13:6 - Ps. 118.6.
              7 Remember your leaders who have spoken to you the word of God; and considering the issue of their conversation, imitate their faith.
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                • d 13:7 - i.e. 'conduct,' 'manner of life,' as 1Tim. 4.12.
                  8 Jesus Christ [is] the same yesterday, and to-day, and to the ages [to come].
                  9 Be not carried away with various and strange doctrines; for [it is] good that the heart be confirmed with grace, not meats; those who have walked in which have not been profited by [them].
                  10 We have an altar of which they have no right to eat who serve the tabernacle;
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                    • e 13:10 - Latreuo, as chs. 9.9; 12.28; 13.10.
                      11 for of those beasts whose blood is carried [as sacrifices for sin] into the [holy of] holies by the high priest, of these the bodies are burned outside the camp.
                      12 Wherefore also Jesus, that he might sanctify the people by his own blood, suffered without the gate:
                      13 therefore let us go forth to him without the camp, bearing his reproach:
                      14 for we have not here an abiding city, but we seek the coming one.
                      15 By him therefore let us offer [the] sacrifice of praise continually to God, that is, [the] fruit of [the] lips confessing his name.
                      16 But of doing good and communicating [of your substance] be not forgetful, for with such sacrifices God is well pleased.
                      17 Obey your leaders, and be submissive; for *they* watch over your souls as those that shall give account; that they may do this with joy, and not groaning, for this [would be] unprofitable for you.
                      18 Pray for us: for we persuade ourselves that we have a good conscience, in all things desirous to walk rightly.
                      19 But I much more beseech [you] to do this, that I may the more quickly be restored to you.
                      20 But the God of peace, who brought again from among [the] dead our Lord Jesus, the great shepherd of the sheep, in [the power of the] blood of [the] eternal covenant,
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                        • f 13:20 - Lit. 'the bringer again;' the article and participle give the character without relation to time.
                        • g 13:20 - Or 'in virtue of,' en.
                        • h 13:20 - See Ezek. 37.26.
                          21 perfect you in every good work to the doing of his will, doing in you what is pleasing before him through Jesus Christ; to whom [be] glory for the ages of ages. Amen.
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                            • i 13:21 - Aorist, 'to the having done it.'
                            • j 13:21 - Or 'producing:' the present tense, 'God working in them continually.'
                              22 But I beseech you, brethren, bear the word of exhortation, for it is but in few words that I have written to you.
                              23 Know that our brother Timotheus is set at liberty; with whom, if he should come soon, I will see you.
                              References for Hebrews 13:23
                                • k 13:23 - 'Sooner than perhaps he may:' see John 13.27, 'quickly;' 1Tim. 3.14, 'more quickly.'
                                  24 Salute all your leaders, and all the saints. They from Italy salute you.
                                  25 Grace [be] with you all. Amen.