Hebrews 2:1-6 DBY

1 For this reason we should give heed more abundantly to the things [we have] heard, lest in any way we should slip away.
2 For if the word which was spoken by angels was a firm, and every transgression and disobedience received just retribution,

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    • s 2:2 - That is, was so when given; all is in the aorist here, or a truth as to the past.
      3 how shall *we* escape if we have been negligent of b so great salvation, which, having had its commencement in being spoken [of] by the Lord, has been confirmed to us by those who have heard;

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        • t 2:3 - Not merely neglected when presented, but not cared for when, as here, they were nominally inside making profession. As Matt. 22.5: 'They made light of' the invitation to the supper. 1Tim. 4.14: 'negligent' of the gift in him: he had it. Heb. 8.9: Israel was disobedient, and Jehovah 'did not regard them.'
          4 God bearing, besides, witness with [them] to [it], both by signs and wonders, and various acts of power, and distributions of [the] Holy Spirit, according to his will?
          5 For he has not subjected to angels the habitable world which is to come, c of which we speak;

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            • u 2:5 - A known division among the Jews. First, 'this age;' and then what was to be introduced by the Messiah: see ch. 6.5 and Note h, ch. 9.9; Tit. 2.12.
              6 but one has testified somewhere, saying, d What is man, that thou rememberest e him, or son of man that thou visitest him?

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                • v 2:6 - See Ps. 8.4-6.
                • w 2:6 - An active recollection, because the object is cared for: so ch. 13.3.