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Smith's Bible Dictionary

Over 4,500 subjects and proper names are defined and analyzed with corresponding Scripture references. "Smith's Bible Dictionary" has been used by students of the Bible since its introduction in the 1860's. A trustworthy classic that is more than just a dictionary defining thousands of Biblical words.

As part of the Bible Study Tools Study Library, Smith's Bible Dictionary is linked to Torrey's New Topical Textbook, Baker's Evangelical Dictionary, Easton's Bible Dictionary, Hitchcock's Bible Names, and Nave's Topical Bible. Anytime a reference can be found in any of the other online tools a hyperlinked symbol will be placed next to the reference, allowing you to immediately jump to that resource and expand your study capabilities.

The following table shows the symbol and its corresponding resource:
  [B] - Baker's Evangelical Dictionary
  [E] - Easton's Bible Dictionary
  [H] - Hitchcock's Bible Names
  [N] - Nave's Topical Bible
  [S] - Smith's Bible Dictionary
  [T] - Torrey's New Topical Textbook

Smith's Bible Dictionary is in the public domain and may be freely used and distributed.

Baal Baal, Baal, Baalah. Baalath. Baale of Judah. Baali. Baalim. Baalis, Baana. Baanah. Baara Ba-aseiah, Baasha Babel Babylon Babylonians, Babylonish garment, Baca Bachrites, The, Badger skins. Bag Baharumite, The. Bahurim Bajith Bakbakkar Bakbuk Bakbukiah Bake. Balaam Balac. Baladan. Balah. Balak Balamo. Balances. Baldness. Balm Bamah Bamoth-baal Band. Bani Banner. Banquets Baptism. Barabbas Barachel Barachias. Barak Barbarian. Barhumite, The. Bariah Bar-jesus Bar-jona Barkos Barley Barnabas Barsabas Barsabbas. Bartholomew Bartimaeus Baruch Baruch, Book of. Barzilla-i Bashan Bashan-havoth-jair Bashemath Basin. Basket. Basmath Bastard. Bat. Bath, Bathing. Bath. Bath-rabbim Bath-sheba, Bath-shua. Battering-ram, Battle-axe. Battlement. Bava-i Bay tree. Bazlith Bazluth Bdellium Beacon. Bealiah Bealoth Beans. Bear. Be-arbel Beard. Beba-i Becher Bechorath Bed. Bedad Bedan Bede-iah, Bee Beeliada Be-elzebub. Be-elzebul Beer Be-era Be-erah, Be-er-elim Be-eri. Be-er-lahai-roi Be-eroth Be-eroth of the children of Jaakan, Be-er-sheba, Be-esh-terah Beetle. Beeves. Beggar, Begging. Behemoth Bekah. Bel. Bela Belah. Bela-ites, The. Belial. Bellows. Bells. Belshazzar Belteshazzar Ben Benaiah Ben-ammi Ben-eberak Bene-jaakan Bene-kedem Ben-hadad Ben-hail Ben-hanan Beninu Benjamin Benjamin, High gate Benjamin, The land of. Benjamin, The tribe of. Beno Benon. Ben-oni Ben-zoheth Beor Bera Beraa Berachah Berachah, Valley of, Berachiah Beraiah Berechiah Bered Berenice. Beri Beriah Beriites, The, Berith. Bernice, Berodach-baladan. Berothah Berothite, The. Beryl Besa-i Besodeiah Besom Besor, The brook Betah Beten Beth, Bethabara Beth-anath Beth-anoth Bethany Bethany. Beth-arabah Beth-aram Beth-aven Beth-baalmaveth Beth-baal-meon Beth-barah Beth-bire-i Beth-car Beth-dagon Beth-diblathaim Bethel Beth-emek Bether Bethesda Bethezel Beth-gader Beth-gamul Beth-gilgal Beth-haccerem Beth-haran. Beth-hogla Beth-horon Beth-jeshimoth Beth-lebaoth Bethlehem Bethlomon. Beth-maachah Beth-marcaboth Beth-meon. Beth-nimrah Beth-palet Beth-pazzez Beth-peor Beth-pha-ge Beth-phelet. Bethrapha Beth-rehob Bethsaida Beth-shean Beth-shemesh Beth-shittah Beth-tappuah Bethuel Bethul Bethzur Betonim Betrothing. Beulah Beza-i Bezale-el Bezek Bezer Bezer in the wilderness, Bible. Bichri Bidkar Bier. Bigtha Bigthan, Bigva-i Bildad Bileam Bilgah Bilga-i. Bilhah Bilhan Bilshan Bimhal Binea Binnu-i Birds Birsha Birthday Birthright Birzavith Bishop. Bishopric Bithiah Bithron Bithynia Bitter herbs. Bittern Bizjothjah Biztha Blains Blasphemy Blastus Blindness Blood Blood, Revenger of. Boanerges Boar. Boaz Bocheru Bochim Bohan Bohan, Stone of, Boil. Bondage. Book. Booths. Booty Booz. Boscath. Bosor Bottle. Bow. Boxtree. Bozes Bozkath Bozrah Bracelet Bramble. Brass. Brazen serpent. Bread. Breastplate. Brethren of Jesus. Brick. Bride, Bridegroom. Brigandine. Brimstone. Brother. Bukki Bukkiah Bul Bull, Bullock, Bulrush Bunah Bunah Bunni Burial, Sepulchres. Burnt offering. Bush. Bushel. Butler. Butter. Buz Buzi