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Search our collection of popular Bible dictionaries for the meaning of words found in the Bible. Our comprehensive dictionary combines definitions and proper names for Biblical words with online verse reference, allowing users to define and analyze Scripture. Use the search box above to type in a specific word or use the Search by Subject Letter feature to browse all of the Biblical words in our online dictionary.

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Eagle Eanes Ear Earing Early Earnest Earring Earrings Earth Earth, Circle Of The Earth, Corners Of The Earth, Ends Of The Earthen Vessels Earthenware Earthly Earth, New Earth, Pillars Of The Earthquake Earth, The New Earth, Vault, Of The Ease East East, Children Of The East Country East (Eastern), Sea Easter East gate East Gate East sea East wind East Wind Eating Ebal Ebal, Mount Ebal; Obal Ebed Ebed-melech Ebed-Melech Eben-Bohan Eben-Ezel Eben-ezer Eben-Ezer Eber Ebez Ebiasaph Ebionism; Ebionites Ebionites, Gospel Of The Ebony Ebron Ebronah Ecanus Ecbatana Ecce Homo Ecclesiastes Ecclesiastes, Theology of Ecclesiastes, The Preacher Ecclesiasticus Eclipse Eclipse of the sun Ed Edar Edar, Tower of Eddias Eddinus Eden Eden, Children Of Eden, House Of Eder Edes Edge Edification; Edify Edify Edna Edom Edom; Edomites Edom, Idumaea Edomites Edos Edrei Education Education in Bible Times Eduth Effect; Effectual Effectual Effectual call Effectual prayer Egg Eglah Eglaim Eglath-Shelishiyah Eglon Egypt Egypt, Brook (River, Stream) Of Egyptian, Egyptians Egyptian Kings (Later) Egyptians, Gospel According To The Egyptian, The Egyptian Versions Ehi Ehud Either Eker Ekrebel Ekron Ekron; Ekronite El Ela Elada Eladah Elah Elah, The valley of Elah, Vale Of Elam Elam; Elamites Elamites Elasa Elasah Elath Elath, Eloth Elath; Eloth Elberith El-Bethel El-bethel El-beth-el El-Beth-El Elcia Eldaah Eldad Eldad And Modad, Book Of Elder Elder In The New Testament Elder In The Old Testament Elead Eleadah; Eladah Elealeh Eleasa Eleasah Eleazar Eleazurus Elect Elect, Election Election Election of Grace Elect lady Elect Lady Electrum El-elohe-Israel El-Elohe-Israel El-elohe-Isreal El, Elohim El Elyon Element; Elements Elements Eleph Elephant Elephantine Eleutherus Eleven; Stars Eleven, The Elhanan Eli Eliab Eliada Eliada; Eliadah Eliadah Eliadas Eliadun Eliah Eliahba Eliakim Eliali Eliam Eliaonias Elias Eliasaph Eliashib Eliasib Eliasibus Eliasimus Eliasis Eliathah Elidad Eliehoenai Eliel Eli, Eli, lama sabachthani Eli, Eli, Lama, Sabachthani Elienai Eliena-i Eliezar Eliezer Elihaba Elihoenai Elihoena-i Elihoreph Elihu Elijah Elika Elim Elimelech Elioenai Elio-ena-i Elionas Eliphal Eliphalat Eliphalet Eliphaz Elipheleh Eliphelehu Eliphelet Elisabeth Eliseus Elisha Elishah Elishama Elishaphat Elisheba Elishua Elisimus Eliu Eliud Elizaphan Elizur Elkanah Elkeshai Elkiah Elkosh Elkoshite Ellasar Elm Elmadam Elmodam Elnaam Elnathan Elo-Beth-Hanan Elohi Elohim Eloi Eloi; Eloi; Lama; Sabachtha; Eli; Eli; Lama Sabachthani Elon Elon-beth-hanan Elonites Elonites, The Eloquent Eloth Elpaal Elpalet Elparan El-paran El-Paran Elpelet El Roi El Shaddai Elteke; Eltekeh Eltekeh El-tekeh Elteketh Elteknon Eltekon Eltolad El-tolad Elul Eluzai Eluza-i Elymaeans Elymais Elymas Elyon Elzabad Elzaphan Emadabun Ematheis Embalming Embrace Embroider Embroiderer Embroidery Emek-Keziz Emerald Emerod Emerods Emim Emims Eminent Emmanuel Emmaus Emma-us Emmer Emmeruth Emmor Emperor Empty; Emptier Emulation En Enable Enaim Enam Enan Enasibus Encamp Encampment Encampment at Sinai Encampment By The Red Sea Enchantment Enchantments End Endamage Endeavor End, End Time Endirons Endless End Of The World Endor En-dor En-Dor En-Dor, Witch Of Endow; Endue Ends Of The Earth Endurance Endure Eneas En-eglaim En-Eglaim Enemessar Enemy Eneneus Enflame En-Gaddi Engage En-gannim En-Gannim Engedi En-gedi En-Gedi Engine Engines English Versions Engraft Engraver Engraving En-haddah En-Haddah En-hakkore En-Hakkore En-hakko-re En-hazor En-Hazor Enigma Enjoin Enjoyment Enlarge; Enlargement Enlighten En-mishpat En-Mishpat Enmity Ennatan Enoch Enoch, Book Of Enoch (City) Enoch, Ethiopic, Book Of Enoch, Slavonic, Book Of Enoch, The book of Enoch; The Book Of The Secrets Of Enon Enormity Enos Enos; Enosh Enosh Enquire En-rimmon En-Rimmon En-rogel En-Rogel Enrolment Ensample En-shemesh En-Shemesh Ensign Ensue Entangle En-tappuah En-Tappuah Entertain Entreat Entreaties Environ Envy Epaenetus Epah Epaphras Epaphroditus Epenetus Ephah Ephai Epha-i Epher Ephes-dammim Ephes-Dammim Ephesian; Ephesians Ephesians, Epistle to Ephesians, Epistle To The Ephesians, Theology of Ephesus Ephlal Eph-lal Ephod Ephphatha Ephraim Ephra-im Ephraim, Forest Of Ephra-im, Gate of Ephraim, Gate of Ephraim, Gate Of Ephraim in the wilderness Ephraimite Ephra-imite Ephra-im, Mount Ephraim, Mount Ephraim, The tribe of Ephra-im, The wood of Ephraim, Wood of Ephraim, Wood Of Ephrain Ephra-in Ephratah Ephrath; Ephrathah Ephrathite Ephron Ephron, Mount Epicurean Epicureans Epicureans, The Epilepsy Epiphanes Epiphi Epistle Epistles Epistles, Captivity Epistles, Spurious Epistles, The Pastoral Equal Equality Equity Er Era Eran Eranites, The Erastus Ere Erech Eri Eri-Aku Eri; Erites Err; Error Esaias Esarhaddon Esar-haddon Esau Esau and Jacob Esay Eschatology Eschatology Of The New Testament, I-V Eschatology Of The New Testament, Vi-X Eschatology Of The Old Testament Eschew Esdraelon Esdra-elon Esdraelon, Plain Of Esdras Esdras 5 And 6 Esdras, Fourth Book Of Esdras, Second Book Of Esdras, The First Book Of Esdras, The Second Book of Esdras, The Second (Fourth) Book Of; Apocalyptic Esdras Esdris Esebon Esebrias Esek Eserebias Eshan Eshbaal Esh-baal Eshban Esh-ban Eshcol Eshcol, The valley Eshean Eshe-an Eshek Eshkalon Eshkalonite Eshkalonites, The Eshtaol Eshtaolites; Eshtaulites Eshtaulites, The Eshtemoa Eshtemo-a Eshtemoh Eshton Esli Esmachiah Esora Espousal; Espouse Espouse Espoused Espy Esril Esrom Essenes Estate Esteem Esther Esther, Book of Esther, Book Of Esther, Theology of Esther, The Rest Of Estimate; Estimation Estranged Esyelus Etam Etam, The rock Eternal Eternal death Eternal life Eternal Life, Eternality, Everlasting Life Eternal Punishment Eternal Sin Eternity Etham Ethan Ethanim Ethanus Ethbaal Eth-baal Ether Ethics Ethics, I Ethics, Ii Ethics, Iii Ethics Of Jesus Ethiopia Ethiopian Ethiopian eunuch Ethiopian Eunuch Ethiopian eunuch, The Ethiopian woman Ethiopian Woman Ethiopic Language Ethiopic Versions Eth-Kazin Ethma Ethnan Ethnarch Ethni Ethnography; Ethnology Eubulus Eucharist Eumenes Ii Eunatan Eunice Eunuch Euodia Euodias Eupator Euphrates Eupolemus Euraquilo Eurcquila Euroclydon Eutychus Evangelist Evangelist, Evangelism, Gift of Evangelize, Evangelism Eve Eve, Gospel Of Eve In The New Testament Eve In The Old Testament Even; Evening; Eventide Evening Evenings, Between The Eveningtide Event Eventide Events of the Encampment Everlasting Every several Every whit Evi Evidence; Evident; Evidently Evil Evil-Doers Evil eye Evil Eye Evil-Favoredness Evil-merodach Evil-Merodach Evil One Evil-speaking Evil-Speaking Evil Spirit Evil Thing Evolution Ewe Exact Exaction Exactor Exactors Exalt Exaltation Exaltation Of Christ, The Examine; Examination Example Exceed; Exceeding; Exceedingly Excellency Excellent Exchange; Exchanger Excommunication Execration Execute; Executioner Executioner Exegesis Exercise Exercise, bodily Exhortation Exile Exodus Exodus, Book of Exodus, The Exodus, The Book Of, 1 Exodus, The Book Of, 2 Exodus, The Book Of, 3-4 Exodus, Theology of Exorcism Exorcism; Exorcist Exorcist Expectation, Messianic Expect; Expectation Expedient Experience Experiment Expiation Exposure, To Wild Beasts Expound Express Exquisite Extinct Extol Extortion Extortioner Extreme; Extremity Eye Eyelid Eyepaint Eyesalve Eyes, Blinding Of The Eyes, Covering, Of The Eyes, Diseases Of The Eyeservice Eyes, Tender Ezar Ezbai Ezba-i Ezbon Ezechias; Ezecias Ezekias Ezekiel Ezeki-el Ezekiel, 1 Ezekiel, 2 Ezekiel, Book of Ezekiel, Theology of Ezel Ezem Ezer Ezerias Ezias Ezion-gaber Ezion-geber Ezion-Geber Eznite Eznite, The Ezora Ezra Ezra, Book of Ezrahite Ezrahite, The Ezra-Nehemiah Ezra, Theology of Ezri Ezril The Eagle East, Children of the The Enslavement Ephesians, The Epistle to the The Exodus